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Many things piss me off.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 19, 2010 8:27 am    Post subject: Many things piss me off.  Reply with quote

I find that tattoos on ladies is extremely distracting from her natural beauty, and yes, every woman is beautiful in her own individual way.
I particularly dislike "tramp stamps", the name many of given to those inkings on a woman's lower back.  A woman's back and ass are a work of art, and to me, NOTHING should distract or detract from that beauty.  Although some are relatively small and others are huge and gaudy, none should appear ANYWHERE on the back of a woman.
Likewise, I cannot stand tattoos anywhere on the breasts.  Again, the feminine breasts are beautiful in au natural.. (to me, the second most beautiful part of the female anatomy.. the ass being the first).
If a lady feels she must have "body art", then let it be small, like maybe the lower calf area... or similarly tasteful area.

Like tattoos, I find any piercings besides on the ear lobes to be a distraction.  What's with this crazy shit anyway?  Again, I guess it's a personal thing, but  the following are what are huge turn-offs for me; Nipple piercings of any kind, Navel piercings, Nose studs, Tongue piercings, Eyebrow piercings, Labia and/or clit rings, etc.

I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.... and this beholder knows true beauty when he sees it.  I receive many, many pictures by email every week.  If I open new pictures and see the woman has a lot of tattoos and/or piercings... that automatically is two strikes against her.

Women who persist in looking directly into the camera on 80-90% (if not all) of her poses.  This has been a burr under my saddle for all the years I've been in this business.. going on 14 yrs.  This is especially true if lady is involved in a sexual activity.  Why in the fuck does she feel she has to look into the camera while she's sucking a cock, getting eaten or getting fucked???  Whenever I'm in a sexual situation with a gal, she'd better have her mind on what's happening, and not looking off with a silly-ass grin on her face.  The whole scenario will be MUCH more realistic looking if she's concentrating on the activity itself.  Sure the camera can get a close up of her face to show her "ecstacy", but she should NOT look into the camera.  These women are, for all intents and purposes, actresses.  When is the last time you saw a real actress looking into the camera when she's being kissed, licked or fucked?  Ohhhh... and while on this subject, some women have the most ugly, horrifying expressions when looking into the camera.  They're trying to look like they're in the heat of passion, when it actually looks like they're in pain, are pissed off, or just saw a turd in their soup.

I'll be back with more things that piss me off...

Your comments or rebuttals are always welcome.  That's why the forum is here.

I need more chubby/plump/BBWs and mature women on
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