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History and memories.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 12:59 pm    Post subject: History and memories.  Reply with quote

01-31-10, 1:00pm est

I can assure you that to the vast majority of folks most all the crap I’ll write will be boring as watching grass grow.  So, now you’ve been warned.

These are supposed to be my Golden Years!!
To that all I can say is that’s BULLSHIT!

Okay.. now let's have a look at the word "procrastinate", shall we.   To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness, and/or  To postpone or delay needlessly.
I've procrastinated for a long time (years) in "jotting" down some thoughts, opinions and memories, plus facts many don't know about me.  At one time I put a lot of information on my "Thawts" page.... and according to a few, I put out way too much info. So for a year or more I've really put practically nothing on the "Thawts" page, and removed just about all the info that had accumulated since about 2000.

You will have to bear with me (ladies can feel free to bare with me, if they wish).. as I try too assemble these  thoughts, opinions, memories, and facts many don't know about me.  I can promise you that nothing will be in any way, organized... nothing will be in any chronological sequence.  Just random shit that comes into this worn-out mind of mine.  The reason I shall procrastinate no more is simple;  with advancing age many memories tend to fade, so it's best that I get this crap down now while I still have some semblance of a memory left.

I'll get this ole ball rolling by saying that I'm old... older than dirt. Hell.. it must have been before typewriters were even invented because my birth certificate is form was filled in by hand.  I was born in Elmira, NY at 6:15am on a Wednesday, February 5th, 1936.  For over sixty years it was thought that I was born on December 5th, 1936, but more on that later.

I’m approximately 5’ 9” –  5’10”, weigh 230, which is 50 pounds more than I weighed about five years ago.  Silver hair, blue eyes and a gray mustache and goatee round out my description.  I’m an extremely introverted guy who’s become 99.9% reclusive during the past year or so.  Let’s see… hmmmm.. what else?  I’m very opinionated, can be perceived as a bit crochety at times.  As for the part about me being opinionated, I’ll elaborate more on that in the Pet Peeves.

I've been living in Indianapolis for about five years now.  Prior to that I was in Vicksburg, MS from 2002-2005, before that Tucson, AZ from 2001-2002.. before that in Denver, CO from 1989-2001.  I lived in Vicksburg beginning in 1954.. however I moved in and out having various radio station jobs in Columbus, MS -1965-1968... Yazoo City, MS 1971-1974... Helena, AR, 1963-1965.  I was also in Pine Bluff, AR and Holdenville, OK.. but was only at each of those places for a few months.  I worked for the US Government.. Corp of Engineers in Vicksburg, MS, and the Bureau of Reclamation in Denver.. retiring in 1994.

After retiring from the gov’t as an accounting technician in ’94 I piddled around with some part-time work such as telemarketing… yuck!!  Meanwhile, in late ‘93 I’d gotten myself my first real computer (meaning Atari and the ancient Commodore didn’t count).  The package price from Best Buy in Lakewood, CO was $1578.00, but the out-the-door price was $1776.58.  This machine was  a Packard Bell 486SX/25MHz and was really a whiz-bang thing.  It had a 170 mb hard drive… that’s 170 MEGS… and 4 mb of ram … that’s FOUR megs of memory… a floppy disc drive… 14” VGA color monitor… a single speed CD rom ( a few months later I paid $190.00 to have it replaces with a double speed)… 2400 bps Modem (later upgraded to a 4800 bps, then a 9600 bps, then 14.4 bps, and the prices for any upgrade were exorbitant ).  It also came with an Epson 24 pin printer and Windows 3.1.  Gotta tell ya that downloading or uploading anything at all was a very, very time-consuming and frustrating experience.  I mean, we’re talking hours.. sometimes several hours.  Adding to the frustration was the fact there were many times that in the middle of a download, or worse.. toward the end of it… you’d lose internet connection and would have to start all over again.  This could and did happen very often.  If you had a 1 mb file to download you could plan on it being an all night thing, IF you didn’t lose internet connection.  And, talking about internet connections, they also were very expensive and most were based on time of use.  In the 90’s you had AOL (crap then and crap now), CompuServe, Prodigy, MSN, and then Yahoo came along, etc., etc.  How many of you remember the BBS’s?  Online text chatting, picture file sharing was pretty heady stuff back in the day, as were Newsgroups (Usenet).
Click the link below to see my first computer.

I’d used computers before when I worked for the Government… but they had no internet connection.  So, I knew a weee-bit about a keyboard, when I purchased my first machine.  I found it to be so exciting that I could sit in front of my machine and be in touch with somebody in Australia or the UK.

To be continued…
I need more chubby/plump/BBWs and mature women on
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:55 pm    Post subject: request Reply with quote

To be continued? We want to read the rest!  Very Happy

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