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How do you feel about it?

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Joined: 15 Jun 2007
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Location: Indianapolis, IN

PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 7:40 pm    Post subject: How do you feel about it?  Reply with quote

In another forum I recently asked for opinions on the subject of face-sitting.. that is, having a lady sitting on a man's face... including having big-butt women.  The question was, how do you feel about it.
Below are the results, and I'd love to know YOUR opinion on this subject:


Well, I love to give oral to a woman. Also love to kiss a womans ass when its clean.  But when she lets me do so when she is on top is SUPER. Sh makes me feel I am very special. I am the one she wants to do that to her and nobody else. Its so super intimate.  More than fucking. She allowes you to to kiss her clit, lick it and make her come.  She has me completely in control.  She knows that she gives me somethin that seems worthless and verry low, but she knows I love it.  The fact that most lady's dont want to do it, makes it even more disirable. She gives it to me.

I'm obsessed with nice round booties on women.  Whenever I see one, no matter where I am, I wonder what it'd be like to have her sit on my face.  If it's an ass of the larger variety, I can't help but imagine tongue-fucking her ass.  Someone once said about me.. that my face as had more asses on it than a toilet seat.  I can't help it... I LOVE ASS.  I love tongue-fucking a woman's ass (if it's clean).

For me, it's the whole being wanted 'that bad', thing. She wants it hat bad she's throwing it in you face, giving you no choice. Like some girls love t when a guy forces the to give oral. It's that same craving for guys. Being submissive also. I have a part of me that absolutely loves the woman being in control. Kind of makes me feel like a tool, being used, per say. Like she's saying, you're mine, you are here for my pleasure. you be my toy and I'm going to have my way.

To have a woman on top of you grinding her pussy into your face as you worship her pussy is great. her juices flowing out onto your face as you are pleasuring her and the more she enjoys it the more she works her pussy into you give me such a rush.

I like it because of the feeling of being wrapped in her sexy body. Its such a sensory overload. I also enjoy giving oral in that position.

I don't know why... Maybe it's the lack of control, the submissivness and that it's it's like you're being forced to do something, you can't refuse and resistance is futile (not that you want to resist anyway)...And of course, that you can bearly breath when the woman rides your face in her most intense moments, which also gives the whole thing an element of humiliation.

I am not sure why I enjoy it -- it just seems like a really erotic, intimate thing to do when the time is right.

Being a lover of feminine ass, nothing beats being able to lick and probe the asshole of a nice big ass.

I LOVED it!! To be overwhelmed by her surrounded by soft thighs, feel her wetness and be close to a wonderfull wet pussy. Feeling her pushing hard against me wanting more and feeling her cum FANTASTIC!!!

I love it. The sight, smell and taste is so great. Squirters are the best, especially when they know how to not hold back.

Nothing like a lady's fat ass sitting down on my face allowing me to lick her wet pussy and her asshole.

I luv to be dominated!  I luv it when she hasnt washed after work and in her pantyhose and rides my face........i participate in MOVEMBER so i grow a MO and she loves it!

1. The submission - I am powerless to do anything but service her magnificent pussy
2. The taste - Her juices are all over my face
3. Her scent - My nose is pressed into her pussy and ass
4. The grinding - She pleasures herself more by using my face
5. The weight - feeling her heaviness adds to my submission

I love it.... it feels great to have her weight just forcing my tounge as far into her as possible and feeling her pulsate and gyrate on top of me

Having a big ass sit on my face is the ultimate experience.  What a wonderful thing it is to kiss and lick her entire ass including her asshole.  Of course, licking and pleasing her cootchie must cum first.... but I do love plunging my tongue into the asshole of a phatass babe.

It's like almost like drowning in a sea of incredibleness. It's just beautiful.

It's the closest thing to heaven.

I guess it's like a bigger pair of boobs

Amazing.  I loved when my girl would just put her thighs on my ears and grind on my face and let me lick her all up and down. I would lick her clit, in her pussy, and lick her ass.

I have had a my face sat on a few times ,but only lightly. I really would like to experience a heavy and intense face sit!

Love having my face smothered in a big juicy butt. 99% of the time I'm dominant and that's the 1% where I dont feel in control.

I love it, so long as they let me breath and don't try to piss squirt when they cum

If i am going to go, i want to be suffocated by my wifes big juicy bum, die happy.

It's wonderful. The pressure, the taste, it's just wonderful.

I think I love it because I love making a women cum and just ADORE! licking pussy, its so nice to feel her shudder as the waves of pleshure begin powering through her curvy body, and taste her sweet wet pussy as............. well I'm sure you get the idea

Just another really great way to please my lover

I love watching a beautiful, wet mound as it is lowered on my face. And there is nothing like the feeling of it being ground into my mouth and chin as she gets close to orgasm

Best thing since sliced bread! its a shame women only come with 1 pussy as the idea of 1 on the crotch and 1 on the face is just soooooooo amazing!!

I do love it. But mostly just because I love to eat pussy. YUM YUM my favorite.

I need more chubby/plump/BBWs and mature women on
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SEX: male

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Location: uk

PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:12 am    Post subject: Face Sitting Reply with quote

Having a sexy woman sit on my face with her legs spread wide for me has gotta be one of my favorite pass times....tonguing her wet pussy as she rocks it against my face is just the best. My face and beard get soaked with her juice and I wear it with pride all day...

Would prefer a small arsed woman but nice juicy tits are welcome anytime!

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